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purchase of antiques vienna and lower austria


Antiques are considered valuable items that have been preserved this day. However, not every item is considered an antique and not every very old item, even if it should have historical value, is always considered an antique.

In particular, the idea that objects found underground are ancient is wrong. The fact that antiques were valuable even when they were new and in use increases their value as an antique. It is not certain that an item that was not valuable in its time will become a valuable antique after a century.



As a company that deals in antiques, we buy your antiques at a price above their value and pay for them in cash. Please contact us now if you would like to sell your antiques.

Antiques are “ a serious investment vehicle because of their high aesthetic value.“

Our company, which has over 20 years of experience in trading antiques, is one of the rare companies in Vienna that pays the correct price for antiques. Antikeum will buy your items that are considered antiques and we will offer you the best possible price. In this way we ensure that you can turn your unused items into money .



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